Wreck Alley 2017 Dive the Yukon and Ruby E

Wreck Alley 2017

March 31-April 2

July 22-23


Come join the scuba ninjas at Destination Scuba for another Destination dive trip. Explore the Yukon and the Ruby E aboard the Humboldt in San Diego, California.  

The Yukon

At 366' feet in length, the Yukon is one of California's largest wrecks accessible by divers and is the most intact wreck divers can visit.

She was intentionally sunk in July of 2000 by the San Diego Oceans Foundation as part of the artificial reef project, known as Wreck Alley. An abundance of entry and exit holes were cut into her to increase accessibility as well as diver safety. Penetration is readily available for those with the proper certifications. However, there is plenty to see on the exterior including both forward and aft gun turrets.

Unfortunately, the sinking of her was never executed. The night before her sinking, water entered the holes cut low to the waterline and shortly after midnight, her bow headed for the bottom. She lies on her port side in about 100' of water with an average minimum depth of about 75 feet along the starboard side. 

The Yukon has something to offer for almost every diver from the novice to the "Techies".

The Ruby E

The Ruby E, a 165-foot long Coast Guard Cutter, was sunk as part of the Artificial Reef Project in June of 1989 and sits in about 85 feet of water.


She has been down for over 20 years with the harsh environment taking its toll.  There are areas where the sides of the superstructure and hull are getting quite thin, but the wreck remains intact. She sits upright on the bottom and is intact and penetrable. However, caution should be taken when penetrating, as sharp rusted metal is all around. Most of the wreck is covered with growth, such as strawberry anemones.



The Humbolt

The Waterhorse Charter vessel, the Humboldt, has been designed specially for scuba diving with an overall length of 45' and a 16' beam. We are able to carry 22 passengers on board! The Humboldt has a top speed of 30 mph and a cruising speed of 26 mph.

We have two compressors on board and are yoke and DIN friendly. Use our low pressure steel 85's or if you prefer bring your own tanks. We can fiil high pressure steels!

With a fresh hot water shower, and hot soup between dives, we'll be sure to make your day as enjoyable as possible.

We want you to relax and enjoy your stay here and we have found additional ways to make you more comfortable with on-site gear storage and drying racks so you don't have to transport wet gear during your stay, hot showers, e-mail services, free internet, ice machine, shaded picnic area for between dives, and much more.

Trip Includes:
Trip Does Not Include:
  • Travel to San Diego
  • Meals and Entertainment
  • Dive Equipment
  • Hotel
  • Nitrox
Additional Trip Add-Ons:
  • Every diver must have an Advanced Open Water Certification and a Deep Diver certification is highly recommended but not required. Interested in becoming a PADI Wreck Diver?  Let us know and we can certify you on this trip!


March: $369

July: $260

Rental equipment and training are available at Destination Scuba at a special rate to all divers on our vacations.

Please contact Destination Scuba for more information or to sign up.

Email: info@destinationdivers.com  

Phone: 623-979-7094

Content and photos courtesy of Waterhorse Charters.