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Scuba Diving Vacations & Trips

Ready to plan your next dive vacation?  Check out our upcoming trips and join us for some fun and adventure!

Trip Calendar 2017
Destination Dive: Heavy Metal Trip 2017
Dates: February 13rd - 7th, 2017
Location: Wreck Dives - Florida Keys
Trip Cost: $829
Come join the scuba ninjas to explore the wrecks and reefs of the Florida Keys.  Dive the Spiegel Grove, the Bib, and the Eagle!


Destination Dive: Wreck Alley 2017

Dates: March 31-April 2, Julyy 22-23
Location: Wreck Dives - San Diego, CA
Trip Cost $369 (March), $260 (July)
Join us on one of our fun weekend trips to sunny San Diego to do some great wreck diving!!
Destination Dive: San Carlos 2017
Dates: May 20-23 (SOLD OUT), June 17-20 (SOLD OUT), July 8-11, August 5-8, September 14-17, September 16-19
Trip Cost: $649
Come enjoy one of our favorite trips we go on, San Carlos!
Destination Dive: Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen 2017
Dates: July 3-8 and September 3-8 (SOLD OUT)
Trip Cost: $951.02 (July) $916.86 (September)
Come and enjoy a one of a kind trip to an incredible place and stay with us at an inrecible all-inclusive resort!
Destination Dive: Little Cayman 2017
Dates: October 7-14
Trip Cost: $2,175-2,399
Come and experience the beauty of Little Cayman and live the island life with us for a week!