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Why be a Divemaster? Thoughts from a Divemaster!
So, I was recently asked by one of my dive collogues if I would answer some questions about becoming a Divemaster, so here goes.
What made me decide to become a Divemaster? Well, it was a spur of the moment decision after an Ah-ha moment! I’ll explain. So, after being a hardcore work-a-holic for years and surviving a two-year bout with cancer I decided to start traveling and enjoying myself, (quick note, life is short, don’t wait for tomorrow)  that meant go diving again. While diving the barrier reef in Belize it hit me at about 80 feet! “this is awesome” Why am I not doing this all the time! When I got back I started taking every specialty there was and one day said I’m going Pro! That was it basically.
It’s very rewarding to join the ranks of pro divers, you go from SCUBA diving to being a SCUBA DIVER! Big difference… In the past couple of years, I have been mentored and sometimes tortured in how to be the best SCUBA diver possible. It has been a very personally rewarding experience! And then there is the teaching and assisting others that is one of the most rewarding things of the position knowing you hard a part in others having a great trip!
Responsibilities! Pretty much everything you can think of! You learn things about diving you never dreamed existed, you learn everything there is about equipment, gear and maintenance. It’s a lot like being a parent sometimes, only instead of bringing juice boxes and snacks it first aid kits, O2 kit, and every possible know spare part in the shop… You fill tanks, lead dives and a dozen other details. On trips, you work your butt off from start to finish!
I truly love it and the only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!


It is so great to hear from one of our own about how Going Pro changed his life! If you are inspired by this story and would like to learn more, stop in today and sign up for the next Divemaster class! You never know it could change your life!!

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