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Why Dive Nitrox?

Why dive Nitrox?

Many people when traveling have experienced using Nitrox and have found it to be a better way of diving and getting more diving out of your day. But why use Nitrox? It’s easy to justify the extra money for a week long dive trip but what about a day at Lake Pleasant? We broke it down for you in terms of diving limits and how much air per minute you are breathing.

Nitrox Tank Fill - $15

Air Tank Fill - $10

80 cu ft tank, Sac Rate - .8, 2.3 cu ft /min = 25 mins air time

Air Dive Plan

So to explain this dive table… Our first dive was to 90 ft for 20 mins with a No Decompression Limit (NDL) of 25 minutes. That dive ended us at a M pressure group and after a Surface Interval (SI) of 1 hour we were at a D pressure group. Our second dive was to 80 ft for 15 minutes with a NDL of 19 minutes. This dive ends us at pressure group O, and after a SI of 1 hour we are in pressure group E. Our final dive is to 80 ft for 15 minutes with a NDL of 17 minutes. This ends us at pressure group N. During dive one you were breathing at about $0.40/minute, the second dive you breathing approximately $0.53/minute, and the final dive you were breathing about $0.58/minute.

This table was done based on regular air. The following table we will do with Nitrox.

Nitrox Dive Plan

As you can see with the Nitrox table you are not only diving safer by staying in lower pressure groups you are also very far from your No Decompression Limits (NDL). In addition to Nitrox being safer to dive you will actually be spending less in the long run also. During the first die you were breathing $0.37/minute, which is $0.03 less than your first dive on air. During the second dive you were breathing $0.34/minute which is $0.19 less than your second dive on air. During your final dive you were breathing $0.37/minute which is $0.21 less than you final dive on air.

So not only are you diving safer and more effectively you are saving money by breathing nitrox.

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