• JUST IN!! Brand New Stahlsac Steel…
    We just got in three different sizes! All with wet/dry capacities and the best bag on the market!
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  • Think You're Ready for Rebreathers?!
    February 11th we will be hosting a try rebreather class for $100!! Click below for more information!
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  • Workshops for Everyone!!
    Our commitment this year is to bring you more opportunities to get to know our product line and find the best way to get you back in the diving saddle! Stay up to date here […]
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Welcome to Destination ScubaCome Dive With Us!

Destination Scuba is a premier PADI Dive Centre but that is just scratching the surface of what we do.  Our passion is diving and we are in the business of fun and making friends.  We offer:

   ~ PADI Certifications and Training
   ~ Scuba Diving Vacations
   ~ Retail Dive Equipment - New and Consigned 
   ~ Dive Equipment Rentals
   ~ Dive Equipment Repair and Service

Diving brings communities together and bridges gaps, opening the doors for developing skills, building relationships and exploring the underwater world with friends and family.